• 08:00 Pick-up from your Hotel
  • Filerimos (May and October) 45 min stop
  • Butterfly Valley (June – September) 45 min stop
  • Embona, the Wine Village, 1 hour stop,
  • Siana 30 min stop, Monolithos 20 min stop
  • Prasonisi 45 min stop, Lindos 15 min stop
  • 18:30 Return back to your Hotel



Full day excursion for visiting some of the fabulous highlights Rhodes has to offer in one day! A professional highly skilled guide will provide you with a comprehensive update on the history and culture of our island.


1. FILERIMOS (May and October) 45min stop
Filerimos is a hill of 267 meters high and it used to be the citadel of ancient town of Iallysos.The hill includes the foundations of the temple of Athena Polias, an early Christian basilica and a small subterranean Byzantine church. There is a road that sets off from the square that leads to the westernmost point of the hill (Golgotha). At the end of the road of Martyrdom stands 18 meters tall cross raised by the Italians in 1930.

2. BUTTERFLY VALLEY (June – September) 45 min stop
The most fascinating and popular attraction of the region is certainly the valley of Petaloudes (Butterflies), with its unique flora and fauna. The famous Valley is a setting of rare natural beauty with its myriads of PANAXIA QUADRIPUNCTARIA butterflies; it attracts thousands of visitors who follow the paths through the luxuriant vegetation and along the clear running streams. A museum of natural history is planned for the site.

Embona is a large village at the foot of Ataviros (the highest mountain). The growers here producer the finest wines on the island and the village is famous for their gaiety and adherence to traditional ways of life. There are many festivals where you can enjoy dancing and traditional costumes. First we stop for wine and traditional products tasting than for a lunch (lunch on the site is optional, its price being not included in the excursion fare).

4. SIANA 30 min stop
Between the Ataviros and Akramiti mountain is Siana, a lovely village where bee-keeping is highly developed. Sianna is a traditional mountain village known for its pure honey and souma, strong liquor distilled from grapes in the traditional manner. One among the two churches of Siana is Saint Panteleimon, a 19 th century structure dominating the center of the village.

5. MONOLITHOS 20 min stop
The castle of Monolithos, built on the summit of a huge rock standing steep and close to the sea, was built by the Knights in the 14 th century to guard the sea route and to protect the locals from pirate raids.

6. PRASONISSI 45 min stop
Prasonissi is the southernmost tip of the island. The sea, rising over the double bay, often covers the land, creating images of outstanding beauty. On the northwest side ( Aegean Sea) there is swelling surf and breeze making Prasonissi a location number one for windsurfers. On the other side (Mediterranean Sea) is the sea calm and clear, perfect for sunbathing.

7. LINDOS 15 min stop
The ancient city – state of Lindos, protected by its strong Acropolis, was a major maritime power and experienced a significant cultural growth. Lindos was the birthplace of the wise tyrant Kleovoulos and was admired for its wealth, beauty and strategic position. Lindos waits to enchant you with its truly impressive citadel and the breathtaking; birds eye views from above.


  • Day trip around the island.
  • Led by local quide.
  • Excellent value for money.